Saint Cols Students In and Out of the Classroom

Grade 7 students in Mr. DeVito's science class used a soap solution to model the properties of the cell membrane. 
Loyola science - membranes
Grade 4 students in Ms. Zani's music class made rhythm pizzas to help understand beats and the length of each note.
rhythm pizzas
In elementary science with Ms. Birnberg, grade 5 is reviewing how to use different measurement and lab tools, such as a dropper, graduated cylinder and balance. Grades 2 and 4 are also practicing how to use a balance by weighing different rock samples. 
balance, scales weights science
In Ms. Flanagan's grade 3 class, Father Fitzgerald discusses first reconciliation, which the students will be receiving in October. Their class also learned ELA outside on a beautiful day (photo at right)! 
father fitz