Buddies & Student Ambassadors

Buddy Program

Students in elementary and middle school participate in the informal Buddies program. Each older class is paired with a younger class within the school. The groups have an opportunity to meet throughout the school year to read together, go to Mass and participate in various activities together. Middle school students are able to develop leadership skills and elementary students benefit from the mentorship opportunity with older students.
"I like being with the younger kids and I look forward to buddy days because it’s really fun to see how K2 is doing. It brings back memories of when I was that age." - Grade 5 student
"It’s amazing because we get to be together. We read and sit next to each other at Mass. We draw and make projects. It’s really fun!" - Grade K2 (kindergarten) student

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are chosen at the start of the school year and range from Grades 5 to 8. They participate in a variety of public-facing opportunities with the school, such as welcoming guests as they arrive at the school, supporting open house events, and representing the school when needed for various events. Student Ambassadors are given training and often serve as the student face of the school.