School Nurses Emphasize Key Role Families Play in Keeping Community Safe

Saint Columbkille nurses Sheila Quinn and Eadaoin Lewis are committed to the health and safety of students and the entire school community. Their ongoing role at school is to manage the day-to-day health needs of the students, whether acute or chronic, to help keep them healthy and in school so they can learn and grow. Specifically, school nurses understand the importance of health in relation to learning. Health and learning go hand-in-hand; for example, if a child is sick or has unaddressed or poorly managed health needs, they will have a difficult time learning and thriving in school.


Nurse Lewis says that she drew inspiration from her mom, also a nurse, which motivated her to enter the field.


“There is an incredibly rewarding feeling when caring for people,” she says. “I have always loved kids … and felt a career in nursing was a great fit for me as it involves working closely with others.”  


Nurse Quinn shares that she “wanted to work with people one-on-one in a way that would make a difference.” And Saint Columbkille could not be more pleased that both of these wonderful nurses are part of the school community. Both have children who attend the school and are continuously ensuring the safety of the staff and students.


Safety is our priority and promoting optimal health and well-being of our students and broader community is of paramount importance,” says Nurse Lewis.


When asked about how Saint Cols families are doing this year, Nurse Quinn responded, “We are blessed to have an amazing school community that starts with the children and families. Their loyalty to the [whole] school community has allowed us to stay healthy and stay open in the midst of a global pandemic when other schools are hybrid or fully remote. This is a gift to our children.”


To ensure that the school can remain open and our students and faculty safe and healthy, Nurse Lewis reminds families to “please continue to prioritize the responsibility we have to each other to keep our community safe. It will only happen through a collective effort.” 


Nurse Quinn follows that up to say, “keep up what you've been doing so far - hand hygiene, social distancing, mask wearing, making smart travel choices, and staying home when you're sick. It's working - let's keep up this momentum for the whole year!” 


Also, Nurses Quinn and Lewis would like to share the following article:


In response, Nurse Quinn says, “please understand how seriously we all take the safety of the students and staff at STCPS. Our goal in sending kids home if they have symptoms or requiring documentation of a negative COVID test result before they can return is not meant to be a hassle or an inconvenience. Our goal is always to ensure the safety, health and wellness of every person in our school building and we have to err on the side of caution in every situation, even if it seems over the top at times. This year more than ever, we need the partnership of every family to make in-person leaning a continued reality. Please keep our shared responsibility at the forefront of your minds as you make choices throughout these fall and upcoming winter months.” 


Similarly, Nurse Lewis says, “Thank you for working with us while we continue to adhere to our protocols and maintain health and safety within the school setting. As we are coming into the winter months please continue to adopt the healthy behaviors you have already demonstrated.  We will continue to strive to keep our community safe.”


Thank you, Nurse Quinn and Nurse Lewis, for your continued efforts at Saint Columbkille Partnership School!