Sports Tradition Continues at STCPS

In 1939, Saint Columbkille offered football, baseball and basketball for high school students. Sports have come a long way in the last 80 years. Today, Saint Columbkille students are active, healthy and engage in friendly competition.

With so many sports offered through Saint Col’s Clubs as part of the school’s after-school activities, students can stay active and learn a variety of sports. Throughout the years, Saint Columbkille students have been able to participate in team sports to learn team-building, smart exercise habits and positive self-esteem. This fall’s sports include archery, flag football, field hockey, intramural sports, cross country, rock climbing, soccer, Zumba, karate and dance. In the winter, skiing and basketball are also added to the list of sports options for students.

In 2016, a $1 million improvement project included a practice field, a mixed-use recreation area, and an area for basketball and play. Generous donors helped make the renovations possible and the improved areas continued to build the strong community at the school.

STCPS families utilize the outdoor playing field and recreation area each day. After school, students and their younger siblings run around the field and playground. Parents socialize and play with their children after school and on the weekends. The recreation area provides a safe and fun place for families to enjoy each other’s company and stay active.

The Saint Columbkille P.E. program is also thriving. Students participate in the physical education program once per week with P.E. teacher Jonathan Hawes. He promotes good sportsmanship, working as a team, and healthy competition with his students from Pre-K to grade 8.

“My focus with the P.E. program is on both physical and emotional wellness,” says Mr. Hawes. “It’s important to offer students a safe place to grow and compete in a healthy way.”