STCPS Supports MS and K2 Teacher Ms. Murphy Cashman

March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month and Friday, March 26 is a Spirit Day to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. K2 teacher Ms. Kathleen Murphy Cashman was diagnosed with MS in 2007 while playing D1 field hockey at Boston College.

Ms. Murphy Cashman continues to push through her MS diagnosis, working for many years to manage symptoms and find the right medicine and treatment. She has fought, while never once complaining, a difficult disease that many people let define them. But not Ms. Murphy Cashman. Her positive attitude, humble nature, and dedication to her students are a true gift to Saint Columbkille Partnership School and the Brighton community where she grew up and still lives today.

“She is the bravest person I know,” says fellow K2 teacher Ms. Hallie McCormack. “I always tell her she’s gained the strength she’s overcome. [Saint Cols families should] know how fortunate they are to have someone so dedicated to their children despite her own challenges, someone who embodies such resilience every day.”

In a recent conversation with Boston College, Ms. Murphy Cashman shared that she has “endless love for her kids and our school community.” She hopes sharing her story will inspire people “to never give up; keep fighting and moving forward when things are tough.”

BC hosts a field hockey game each year to honor Ms. Murphy Cashman and her time as an Eagle, with all proceeds benefiting the National MS Society. Additionally, Ms. Murphy Cashman, Ms. McCormack and other Saint Cols teachers participate in Muckfest each year to raise awareness as Team Murphy’s Law. The event is an annual 18-obstacle 5K mud race put on by the National MS Society to raise funds for the cause.

Please enjoy the video below of Ms. Murphy Cashman sharing her experience. For the first time, she is speaking publicly about MS in the hopes that she can raise awareness for this challenging disease. Thank you, Saint Columbkille Partnership School community, for your support of the National MS Society and Ms. Murphy Cashman!