2021 Virtual Democracy Day Empowers Students

Democracy Day has been a tradition at Saint Columbkille Partnership School for many years. Each year, students participate in a social justice project, which can be a piece of writing, a poster, a science experiment, etc. One student from each class is chosen to give a speech that teaches others about their social justice topic and gives ideas of how we can take action to make changes.
This year, on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, students watched a 27-minute video compilation of students' projects. They learned about how boys and girls should be treated equally, how to improve the environment, how to make sure everyone has access to healthy food, and more! Saint Cols students are ready to take action and change the world!
They day is planned each year by Saint Cols Instructional Coach (Grades 2-5) Michelle Janowski. About the tradition, she says, "I love Democracy Day for many reasons. One reason is because I know that students are learning about social justice in their classrooms all year long. Democracy Day gives us an opportunity to have students share with each other what they have learned and encourage one another to take action and make change. It is inspiring to see students so passionate about making the world a better place!"
The photo below includes the students who participated in the Democracy Day presentations.
democracy day