BC Football Team Visits Saint Cols Summer Program

They played a variety of games, including basketball, tag and relay races, with students of all ages. Mostly upperclassmen, the football players enjoyed themselves and the students loved being with the players. 

"Having BC football players visit our students during the summer program was such a welcome experience," says Ms. Jean O'Connor, head of the summer program at Saint Columbkille. "Our connection to BC is a strong one and we're pleased to have their support and time on our campus."

Josh Beekman, director of football initiatives at Boston College, shared that community service is a priority for the football team, with summer being a great time to make it happen. The team hopes to expand their visits to campus, while also keeping in mind COVID-19 safety policies.

“Magis” (meaning “more” or “greater”) and “men and women for others” are phrases that the students live by in order to give back to their community. Head Football Coach Jeff Hafley frequently uses the phrase “Tough, Love, Compete” or “TLC” and Beekman says the players’ time at Saint Columbkille embodies that mindset.

“We are so grateful to have Boston College athletes volunteer at Saint Columbkille,” says Mrs. Kate Ward, chief advancement and enrollment officer. “They bring joy and serve as role models of what it is to be ‘men and women for others.’”  


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