Meet Vincenza Bartholomew: Saint Columbkille’s Academic Interventionist

Ms. Vincenza Bartholomew has been at Saint Columbkille for four years. She started as the Title 1 Teacher in a part-time role in 2018 and now begins her second year as a full-time Academic Interventionist. Ms. Bartholomew wears many hats – helping students in Grades 1-6 with everything from reading and writing to math and organizational skills. Additionally, she is in charge of running the annual MAP testing in the fall.

As a Title 1 Teacher, Bartholomew’s role was funded by the Title 1 program to help Catholic Schools better serve their students. She assisted students who needed additional support as determined by MAP testing scores.

Now as a full-time Academic Interventionist, Bartholomew has more time to dedicate to Title 1 students, as well as other students, who need more support. She is able to see students in each of the 6 grades with which she works a minimum of three times a week for half-hour periods. She also works closely with Kelly Myles, Learning Resource Coordinator, who provides a variety of academic and special education services for students.

In her four years at Saint Cols, Bartholomew has been blessed with the opportunity to see profound changes in her students. Many of those who struggled with remote learning were able to grow significantly upon returning to school in person full time.

“I get to see a different side of the student,” says Bartholomew. “The whole point is to help the student, so they’re more willing to take risks, challenge themselves and make mistakes in a smaller group setting.”

Overall, her goal is to support any student that needs it. She collaborates with classroom teachers to share updates and resources that might be helpful. This school year, she is also adding a few 7th and 8th grade students to her roster to ensure all students are poised for success.

“What I’m doing is the Catholic school version of special education – supporting all students,” says Bartholomew. “What I do is relationship based - I see them at arrival, dismissal and in a variety of contexts, which then really helps when I see them in small groups.”