Loyola Academy Honors September “Loyola Leaders of the Month”

Grade 6 student Isabella Goncalves, Grade 7 student Rose Bragg and Grade 8 student Ester Louis were named September’s “Loyola Leaders of the Month” (LLM), a program implemented to promote self-awareness, practice the Jesuit philosophy, and develop a greater sense of community among the middle school community.

“Isabella has embodied the core value of men and women for others,” says Ms. Foley, Loyola Academy teacher. “She has participated fully in every class, cares deeply for the people around her and she has volunteered for extra responsibilities, as well as acting on her own initiative. We are proud to recognize her as our 6th Grade Loyola Leader!”

“Rose is a wonderful example of Loyola’s core value of men and women for others,” says Ms. Phelps, Loyola Academy teacher. “After Loyola decided to do lunch inside each day, Rose realized that this is not what her classmates preferred and put together a petition to return outside for lunch (which we now do). Rose is often seen helping peers, running errands for teachers, and advocating for what she believes is right.”

 “Ester has a willingness to go above and beyond as a student, classmate, community member, and friend,” says Ms. O’Brien, Loyola Academy teacher. “She has taken on extra responsibilities in the classroom without being asked, and participates in class discussions thoughtfully. Ester has demonstrated the Jesuit value of Magis, and we are proud to recognize her as a Loyola Leader this month!”

Each month, a student from each grade who have distinguished themselves and exemplify the two core values of Loyola Academy (“Magis” and “Women and men for and with others”) are recognized by the Loyola Academy team. Students also have the opportunity to submit votes for their peers who they feel have shown great strides in becoming a leader in our community.

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