Saint Columbkille Students Work Together for Thanksgiving Food Drive

An annual tradition, Saint Columbkille Partnership School students are participating in a food drive to benefit Allston-Brighton families in advance of Thanksgiving. Students have been asked to bring food items to school for the Allston-Brighton Neighborhood Opportunity Center (a division of ABCD - Action for Boston Community Development) that will be assembled into Thanksgiving baskets the week before the holiday. Each grade was assigned a specific food category, ranging from canned fruits, vegetables and pumpkin to cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy.

Additionally, Saint Columbkille hosted a Spirit Day on Friday, November 12 to raise money for families within the Saint Columbkille community who need extra assistance this Thanksgiving. Grocery store gift cards will be provided to those families to help ease the financial burden during the holiday season.

To provide additional context and information about the food drive and help build presentation skills, Grade 8 students shared a presentation with younger grades. Teachers allowed for a question-and-answer period as well, giving students an opportunity to share their thoughts and ask meaningful questions about why the school participates in this giving tradition around Thanksgiving.

“In 8th grade, we talk about how to be a good citizen,” says Loyola teacher and food drive organizer Mr. Walsh. “We try to help students answer for a need in the community. The statistics for food insecurity are higher than ever right now and the Saint Cols community is rising to the occasion to help those in need.” 

“Thank you again so much for your support this holiday season,” says Elaina Schreckenberger, Operations Manager at ABCD Allston-Brighton Neighborhood Opportunity Center. “We were not expecting so much food to be provided for our families, and actually have some left over that we will be able to save for when we prepare our December/Christmas meals next month.”