BPD visits Saint Cols to celebrate National Faith & Blue Weekend

On Friday, October 7, Loyola students met with Brighton police officers ahead of the national celebration of Faith and Blue, a nonprofit organization that builds a relationship between police and faith organizations. The officers joined 7th and 8th grade classes and shared information about staying safe in a digital environment, including how to use social media safely.
"It's wonderful to welcome members of the police department into our classrooms so that our students are building positive relationships with local law enforcement," says Head of School Ms. Jen Kowieski. "The officers care deeply about our students and community."
In terms of the content that students learned, Kowieski says that "it's always helpful when our students hear messages about digital safety from people other than their parents or their teachers." They heard some helpful reminders and tips for how to stay safe in a digital environment. 
"Digital safety isn't just about whether or not we're physically safe," says Ms. Kowieski. "It's also about promoting social and emotional wellness when we engage with technology. It's clear that the police department cares for the whole person, and recognizes the importance of not only physical health, but also supporting social and emotional well-being."
Frank Hughes, a community service officer with BPD in Brighton's District D-14, is a wonderful community partner at the school and led the group's discussion on digital safety. He leads Road to the Right Track, a running group for local youth, in which many Saint Cols students participate.
In addition to Officer Hughes and the Road to the Right Track program, there is an ongoing daily presence from a Saint Cols parent who is also a police officer, as well as a former Saint Cols parent and police officer who helps with the school's safety checks.
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