Grade 4 Students Host Poetry Night

Grade 4 students were tasked with writing a poem as part of their ELA studies in school. On Thursday, February 2, they participated in a Poetry Night event in the school gym. Families, teachers and students were able to celebrate their poetic achievements. Each student read a poem aloud for the group.

"Poetry is meant to be shared and read aloud, so it was a great opportunity for students to engage in an authentic way with their work and share it with a larger audience than just with their teacher for a grade," said Grade 4 teacher Ms. Kunkle. "Parents brought some light refreshments, the students brought their great writing, and everyone got to celebrate."

“Thank you to our fourth-grade teachers Ms. Kunkle and Ms. Shea for coordinating our Poetry Night,” said Head of School Ms. Kowieski. “[It} was a fabulous opportunity for our students and families to contemplate the beautiful - and to celebrate our students’ great work!”

A parent sent the Grade 4 teachers an email after the event that read, "It was a lovely evening that focused on learning and student voice.  I have no doubt that this experience will stay with them as a rite of passage in their academic careers. The collaborative learning done in the classroom, the solitary moment at the microphone and the communal aspect of gathering with invited guests to celebrate their work hit all the right marks."

Thank you Grade 4 students and teachers!


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