Loyola Academy Honors January “Loyola Leaders of the Month”

Grade 6 student Isaac Novina, Grade 7 student Charlotte Minihane and Grade 8 student Rose Bragg were named January “Loyola Leaders of the Month” (LLM), a program implemented to promote self-awareness, practice the Jesuit philosophy, and develop a greater sense of community among the middle school community.

Isaac is a student who exemplifies respect and kindness,” says Loyola teacher Ms. Foley. “He seeks opportunities to help others, and always treat his classmates with respect. He is hardworking and always tries his best! He is a great role model, and represents the Ignatian value of People for Others. Well done, Isaac!”

“Charlotte is a student that is always looking out for her peers,” says Loyola teacher Ms. Phelps. “As someone who hopes to be a teacher someday, she loves to assist her classmates when they need help with classwork and is always open to answering questions. She is a strong role model and is always striving to be her best self. She is an excellent example of our Loyola value of People for Others.”

“Rose is consistently seeking out opportunities to help others in both her homeroom and the entire school community,” says Loyola teacher Mr. Walsh. “Rose is always one of the first to volunteer at any chance and always lifts up those around her. We are truly blessed to have a Woman for Others like Rose, as she continues to inspire with her mindset and actions!”

Each month, a student from each grade who have distinguished themselves and exemplify the two core values of Loyola Academy (“Magis” and “Women and men for and with others”) are recognized by the Loyola Academy team. Students also have the opportunity to submit votes for their peers who they feel have shown great strides in becoming a leader in our community.


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