Loyola Academy Honors November Loyola Leaders of the Month

Grade 6 student Mackenzie Carey, Grade 7 student Rafael Maciel and Grade 8 student Lola Sepulcre were named November “Loyola Leaders of the Month” (LLM), a program that promotes self-awareness, the Jesuit philosophy, and an opportunity to develop a greater sense of community among the middle school community.

“Mackenzie is being recognized for her display of the Jesuit ideals of both Magis and being a person for others,” says Loyola teacher Ms. Capobianco. “She puts full effort into her academics, homework, and her participation in class. Furthermore, she is very supportive and helpful to her classmates and peers. She is a genuine, positive presence in our Loyola community.”

“Raf exemplifies being a person for others in classrooms and throughout the school day,” says Loyola teacher Ms. Tapanes. “He helps his classmates with assignments and contributes positively to his learning environment by always putting forth 100% effort and participating in class. Raf models Magis by volunteering to tutor a younger student after school and building up his leadership skills.”

“Lola exemplifies Magis and being a person for others every day in her classes and throughout the school,” says Loyola teacher Mr. Guth. “Lola represents Magis by giving her full effort and attention to her classes throughout the day. She represents being a person for others by offering help to classmates and being supportive with her peers.”

Each month, a student from each grade who have distinguished themselves and exemplify the two core values of Loyola Academy (“Magis” and “Women and men for and with others”) are recognized by the Loyola Academy team. Students also have the opportunity to submit votes for their peers who they feel have shown great strides in becoming a leader in our community.


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