Celebrating the Success of the 14th Annual BC Race to Educate

The 14th annual BC Race to Educate, held on Saturday, April 29 at Boston College's Alumni Stadium, was a great success! With nearly 1,000 participants, the event showcased the strong ties between our school, Boston College, and the broader community. This year's race raised an impressive $165,000 to support programs and services for our students, surpassing last year's total by $10,000. Contributions included $18,555 from registrations, $75,719 from sponsors, $17,135 from staff, and $53,591 from families. These funds are crucial for continuing our mission to provide high-quality education and enriching experiences for all our students.

Pie chart shows fundraising sources

Jen Kowieski, Head of School, captured the essence of the event: "The race wasn't just about running; it was about fostering connections, spending quality time with one another, and celebrating the values that make our community strong."

Lydia smiles for a photo with friends at the race

Lydia Asermelly, a grade 5 student who participated in the race this year, shared her excitement: "I've been participating in the race since kindergarten, so this was my sixth one.I have so many great memories of the race, and it's a great way to participate with your school community. My brothers and I always make a fun video asking friends and family to donate, and we send that out. It goes to a great cause because it can make our school a better place."


We extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsors, runners, and volunteers, including Boston College student-athletes, the Boston College Pep Band, Color Guard, Baldwin the Eagle, and our very own Mighty The Dove. This event would not have been possible without the support of the BC Police Department, the BC Office of Governmental and Community Affairs, and the BC Athletic Administration. Your generosity and support made this event possible, and we are incredibly grateful for your commitment to our school. The BC Race to Educate not only raised significant funds but also strengthened the bonds within our community. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this memorable event. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of our students and building a brighter future for our school.