Sister Catherine Reflects on 70 Years of Service

This year, Sister Catherine celebrated a momentous milestone - her 70th Jubilee with the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Sister Catherine Delaney, SNDdN, joined Saint Columbkille Partnership School in 1996, and has been a beloved member of the school community ever since. Reflecting on seven decades of service and dedication to education, Sister Catherine hopes her work has inspired others to continue making a positive impact.

Sister Catherine shared her thoughts on this milestone, stating, "It is hard to believe. I am grateful to be celebrating 70 years of loving service to children, to students, and to teachers. I just hope that my devotion to education, which was what the Sisters of Notre Dame were dedicated to, has touched and inspired others to go and make lives better for others, as I have tried to do."

For decades, Sister Catherine's service and inspiration have been deeply felt at Saint Columbkille Partnership School. She praised the dedication of teachers, especially during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting their unwavering commitment to education.

The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, founded in France in 1804, are an international Congregation dedicated to education and social justice. They have a long history of serving people in need and supporting communities worldwide, embodying the values of goodness and dignity.

The school honored Sister Catherine’s Jubilee on May 30th with a series of events. The celebration included a Mass, where she was presented with a dove featuring the fingerprints of all our students. She was also recognized with a luncheon, an after-school reception, and the presence of many special guests. Sister Cathrine reflected, “The celebration was a gift unwrapped in so many ways, through people, and through their gladness and joy they shared with me. People ask me why I come here to Saint Cols each day. This is why.”

Sister Catherine is truly the heartbeat of Saint Columbkille Partnership School, exemplifying the Jesuit value of Magis throughout her life, always striving to do more for the greater good. Her tireless efforts to uplift and support those around her reflect a deep commitment to using her talents and time to make a positive impact on our community.

Additionally, a Jubilee celebration was held among Sister Catherine's religious community at Emmanuel College on June 23rd. Attended by her family, friends, and fellow Sisters, it was a moment to reflect on 70 years of service and appreciate the support of her family and community. The event celebrated the 33 Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur of the U.S. East-West Province marking milestone anniversaries this year. 

Sister Catherine continues to find meaning and purpose in her work. As she looks to the future, her hope remains the same - to inspire others through a life dedicated to loving service and education.