Boston College Lab School


Boston College and Saint Columbkille Partnership School have a long-standing relationship that was deepened in early 2018 when Saint Columbkille was formally designated as a laboratory school for Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development. The laboratory school designation—the only such arrangement between a university and an elementary school in the city of Boston— enhances opportunities for teacher training, educational research and professional development. The research, which is jointly designed by faculty from both institutions, targets Saint Columbkille’s specific needs.

The data generated from the research ensures best practices in curriculum and instruction at Saint Columbkille, and provides a knowledge base for innovation that helps facilitate educational advances at Catholic schools nationwide. It also aids in the preparation of teachers and other education professionals at the Lynch School of Education and Human Development.

During the past five academic years, more than 140 Boston College student teachers have honed their teaching skills under the supervision of Saint Columbkille instructors, learning how best to serve a diverse student population. In return, BC provides opportunities for the school’s teachers to earn fully sponsored master’s degrees from Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development, which further enhances a continuity of knowledge and practice.

Saint Columbkille Partnership School has developed a rigorous curriculum that is research-based and data-driven. Educational experts coordinated by Lynch School faculty collaborate with the school to implement state-of-the-art approaches to teaching, from the early childhood program through middle school, using evidence-based curricula to teach math, science, literacy, and other subjects.

Additionally, Boston College provides resources and oversight for the academic program, as well as expertise in the area of facility management and finance. Resources offered through Boston College have also made possible ongoing physical plant improvements and increased financial aid.

The collaboration with Boston College is not new. In 2006, Boston College and Saint Columbkille Partnership School first formed an alliance to create a flagship Catholic school in Boston. The partnership created a new national model of excellence in Catholic early childhood, elementary, and middle school education. As part of the partnership, the resources of the Archdiocese of Boston, Boston College, and St. Columbkille Parish were combined to offer a rigorous and comprehensive education rooted in Gospel teaching and committed to Catholic educational and religious traditions. Since 2006, the school has flourished, with enrollment rising and its students consistently performing well above the national average on all testing measures.

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