Lab School FAQs

Saint Columbkille Partnership School has been designated as a laboratory school for the Boston College Lynch School of Education and Human Development. While we participate in studies with other departments at BC, the Lynch School is our main focus for research at this time.
Assessing how we teach and evaluate English language learners and teaching social and emotional learning and digital storytelling are some of the planned studies with the Lynch School in the coming years. Other smaller studies will be taking place throughout the school with various grade levels.
The research will be jointly designed to meet the needs of Saint Columbkille Partnership school faculty/staff and students as well as the needs of the Lynch School. Research plans will be created by Lynch School professors in tandem with STCPS teachers to ensure best outcomes for all. STCPS will also reserve the right to turn down participating in studies if they do not fit the needs of the school.
All parents will receive consent forms and background on each study before it begins. Any child participating in the study must have parental consent in order to participate.
Any parent may opt-out of a study for any reason. No child will participate in a study if the parent has not signed a consent form.
Each researcher is required to ensure that any studies conducted are safe, confidential and consensual. Boston College employs multiple people who assess these protocols and research practices. As they evaluate a research proposal, they confirm that no harm will come to the participants, all participants and the study findings will remain private, and all participants have parental consent to participate.
Boston College is the main university with which we will be partnering in research studies. However, other universities have and likely will continue to request that we participate in studies, which we will evaluate and consider on a case-by-case basis.