Elementary School

Saint Columbkille Elementary School educates children in grades one through five. As children navigate through these years, they begin to develop their character and social self. At our school, this process can take place under the watchful eye of talented, highly professional teachers.


The mission of Saint Columbkille Partnership School has driven its dedicated faculty and staff to build a sustainable educational model that serves the families of Allston-Brighton and immediate surroundings. A main ingredient in our success is derived from the partnership with Boston College and our designation as a laboratory school of the Lynch School of Education and Human Development. Our teachers and administrators are credentialed with undergraduate and graduate degrees fully funded by Boston College. Guided by the expertise offered by the Lynch School, we have become a school that teaches prospective teachers and future Catholic school administrators.


Our curriculum is research-based and data-driven. We have found that educational excellence is achieved by delivering a rigorous curriculum, backed by a trusted support system. To be true to our mission to develop the “whole child”, the school has added two science centers, a media/library center, art and music rooms, a learning center, seven additional classrooms, and much needed office space. The cafeteria was expanded and remodeled to meet the needs of the ever-growing school population. In 2016, we completed a $1 million improvement project that includes a practice field and a mixed-use recreation area, an area for basketball, and play.