Social Studies

The purpose of the elementary school Social Studies curriculum is to build student’s knowledge and understanding of concrete ideas, facts and dates.
Students learn to answer “where”, “who”, “and what” questions. Students analyze cause and effect relationships, glean point of view from primary source documents, and are taught the connection between geography and human history.
The Social Studies curriculum follows the Massachusetts Frameworks. Textbooks are used to support the curriculum in grades three through eight. The ELA curriculum Voices in Reading was chosen to reinforce the Social Studies curriculum. For example, there is a great emphasis on multiculturalism and civic responsibility. The table below gives an overview of the scope of the social studies curriculum:
Grade Topics
1 Symbols; Community; Historical Persons; Products and Services; Basic Map Skills
2 Detailed Map Skills; Citizenship; Producers and Consumers
3 New England; Massachusetts; Time Periods; Government
4 Advanced Mapping Skills; Immigration; Natural Resources; Regions of United States; Canada, Mexico
5 Ancient Civilizations, Empires in China, Africa, Greece and Rome