Early Childhood Preschool Curriculum


The Early Childhood Education Program engages preschool children in learning and play, allowing for the growth and development of the whole child. Teachers are exceptionally qualified, all of whom have or are working toward  degrees in early childhood education. Early Childhood teachers receive support from classroom aides, coaches, and other adults to provide targeted small group instruction to meet the needs of all students. The warm, caring, and curriculum-based program prepares children for the academic rigor to follow. With the guidance of their teachers, students will develop a natural curiosity and love of learning.


The Early Childhood Preschool program is a full day program serving children who are age two years and nine months through age four. 

  • 2.9 Program: Age 2.9 by December 1
  • K0 Program: Age 3 by September 1
  • K1 program: Age 4 by September 1

Children who are 2 years and 9 months (2.9) by September 1 and are accepted to Saint Columbkille Partnership School will begin school on the first day of the K0/K1 school year.

Students who turn 3 years old by March 1, which means they turn 2.9 by December 1, may also enroll but they cannot attend Saint Columbkille Partnership School until they turn 2.9. For example, a child who turns 2.9 on October 15 can start school on or after October 15. 

There are two options for enrolling a child who is not 2.9 by September 1, but will turn 2.9 by December 1: guarantee a spot for your child or wait to enroll in hopes that a spot is available when the child turns 2.9.

  • Guarantee your child a spot in the 2.9 class by applying and enrolling in the spring admissions cycle. In this case, tuition payments begin July 1 and are not prorated. The child will begin school on or after the day the child turns 2.9. In the above example, the child would start school on October 15 and monthly tuition payments would begin on July 1.
  • Wait to enroll once the child turns 2.9. In this case, if a spot is available, the child will start on or after the day they turn 2.9. Tuition will begin the first day of the month that the student starts. In the above example, the student would start school on October 15 and begin monthly tuition payments on October 1. 

Students who turn 3 after March 1 must wait until the next school year to enroll in K0 at Saint Columbkille.

Early Literacy


K0 and K1 utilize Pearson’s Opening the World of Learning, a comprehensive curriculum that covers all domains of early learning. The content of each unit is built around a carefully crafted daily routine within an activity-center day. Themes, skills, and concepts are developed through quality children’s fiction and nonfiction trade books. There are six themes taught during the school year, Family, Friends, Wind and Water, The World of Color, Shadows and Reflections, and Things that Grow.


Early Mathematics


The Real Math Building Blocks program is designed to build young children’s experiences with activities that integrate five mathematical proficiencies outlined by research:


Understanding - comprehending math concepts, operations and relations – knowing what math symbols, diagrams, and procedures mean

Computing - carrying out math procedures, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and appropriately

Applying - being able to formulate problems mathematically and devise strategies for solving them using concepts and procedures appropriately

Reasoning - using logic to explain and justify a solution to a problem or to extend from something known to something not yet known

Engaging - seeing math as sensible and useful




As children grow socially and intellectually within a comprehensive and integrated curriculum, they are introduced to the elements of Catholic education exploring biblical themes while learning that they have a responsibility for others.

Through a collaborative approach among the school, the parish, and the Archdiocese, we are able to begin building the spiritual formation of the students. Students attend monthly masses in the parish church and two special masses are offered to our families during the year. One is an opening liturgy in September and the other celebrates Catholic Schools Week in late January/ early February.


Social and Emotional Learning


Early childhood preschool classrooms at Saint Columbkille are places for students to develop the foundational knowledge and skills for success in academic and real life settings. Small class sizes and support from assistants allow teachers to know each child in their classroom, to understand and appropriately respond to their academic and social needs, and to communicate regularly with families about their child's progress.


Saint Columbkille is an independent, Catholic preschool and private school centrally located in Brighton, MA and easily accessible from the nearby areas of Newton, Dedham, Cambridge, Hyde Park, Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Sommerville, Roslindale and Allston.