Physical Education

Movement during the school day is important. In addition to the freedom of play that students receive at recess, guided movement is equally important for our students. Team building, skill development and independent play help students appreciate exercise and help develop a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity. Our dedicated Physical Education teacher uses a wide variety of activities and exercise to keep students engaged and active. 

Classes are held on the field as much as possible when the weather is nice. Otherwise, the new gymnasium is a great space to learn safely. 

Early Childhood Preschool

  • Focus on movement development and manipulative skills. 
  • Students begin to develop self control of their bodies and learn how to play safely (i.e., running with head up, keeping hands to self, tagging gently). 
  • Towards the end of the year, we begin to work on sharing and working as a team to achieve a goal together. 


  • Focus on basic sports and strategies. 
  • The students are introduced to sports like soccer, basketball and kickball. 
  • We discuss basic rules and strategies to play the games fairly. 
  • Students practice basic skills necessary to be successful in each sport before playing competitive games. For example, before playing a full game of soccer, we practice passing, dribbling and shooting. 

Loyola Academy Middle School

  • Focus on sports with more advanced tactics and rules. For example, in soccer we introduce the offsides rule where you are not allowed to be passed the ball behind all of your opponents. 
  • Students are encouraged to self-referee in order to learn the rules more. Ms. Baker also watches in case intervention is necessary when an agreement cannot be reached.