Summer at STCPS

Saint Columbkille Partnership School offers a variety of options for summer programming for Saint Columbkille students and non-students who are members of the community. A general Summer Program is available for younger students to provide enrichment and recreational activities. STEM Academy and Art Adventures are available for older students with an interest in those specific subjects.
 Saint Columbkille Partnership School’s eight-week full-day Summer Program focuses on encouraging, enhancing, and expanding students’ skills during the summer months to further the student’s development and academic achievement. The program provides a range of academic, enrichment, and recreational activities. With the option of attending for two or more weeks, students (ages 3-grade 4) experience a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for learning and healthy development.
A new theme is introduced at the start of each session, guiding the curriculum and focus of learning for the week. Students engage in classroom learning, participate in hands-on activities, and participate in afternoon recreation and enrichment activities. We have expanded our program to include exploratory in order to help children discover and develop their talents. The program includes specialists in visual arts, drama, athletics and Spanish. As a part of Jesuit education, we strongly believe that children must explore the world outside of themselves, to this end we will be engaging in field trips each week in every grade level.
When is the program held?
The program runs for eight weeks during the summer months. Each session is one week long, running Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Where is the program held?
The program is held at Saint Columbkille Partnership School.

What ages does your program serve?
The sessions serve students in pre-K (must be 3 by September 1, 2021) through grade 4. Children must be completely potty trained and have been previously enrolled in a structured learning environment.
Is there a minimum number of sessions that a child must attend?
Yes, each child must sign up for at least two sessions, but they do not need to be consecutive.
Is financial assistance available?
Yes, we provide financial assistance. Limited need-based financial aid is available. If you would like to apply, please fill out the FACTS Grant and Aid application at by April 1, 2021. We do not wish to turn anyone away due to financial reasons, but this deadline will be strictly enforced. To read more on what to expect of the financial aid process please click here.
What if I do not want to send my child all five days?
We feel that in order to provide a quality program, and for the participating students to get the most out of their time with us, consistency is important. Since each week’s lessons, activities, and events operate around a theme, your child will benefit most from attending every day during the session. If you choose, however, not to send your child for all five days, the payment remains the same.
What if my child does not attend Saint Columbkille Partnership School?
Our program is community based with priority given to Allston/Brighton residents. Your child does not need to attend Saint Columbkille Partnership School to participate in the summer program for age 3- grade 4.
How do you group the students?
The students are grouped according to age/grade in order to create age-appropriate groups and allow for programming that meets their developmental needs and interests. Groups may be a combination of two grades depending on the number of children in each age group who apply.
What does your general schedule look like?
Because we serve a wide range of ages, there are different schedules that address the developmental level of each group. Each session will operate around a specific theme that will guide the classroom-based learning. In general, the mornings focus on learning-based activities and projects. The academic component is developed with a fun, engaging, and hands-on focus in mind. Your child will enjoy learning! Afternoons are a time for recreation and enrichment. We offer a variety of activities (e.g., soccer, whiffle ball, fine arts/crafts, etc.) providing students with an opportunity to explore or expand interests and hobbies. Students age 3-4 years old will have an afternoon rest, as we have found it can be a very long day for our youngest participants. While sleeping is not mandatory, we do require all 3 and 4-year-old students to lie quietly during rest time.
Do you go on field trips?
Yes, either a field trip or an exciting event on site that relates to the theme will take place each week. In addition, we will access campus and community resources (local parks, public library, etc.) as much as possible to expand the opportunities your child has to explore the environment around him/her.
Do the children have the opportunity to swim?
We currently do not offer swimming as part of our summer program.
Do you have Counselor-in-Training opportunities?
We do have opportunities for students who are interested in working as a Counselor-in-Training. Please contact the Program Coordinator at
What do I need to do to register?
You will need to fill out a complete online registration packet. A non-refundable registration/material fee of $75 per child is necessary in order to hold your child’s spot. Your registration is not complete until this fee is paid through FACTS Financial Account.
What if my schedule changes and I need to add sessions to my child’s enrollment?
Any additional sessions must be discussed with the Summer Program Director. Depending on enrollment, your child may be eligible to register for additional sessions. A change of enrollment form will need to be completed to request such changes.
Questions? Interested in enrolling your child? Please fill out the application above and for any questions email Jean O’Connor at
 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is important because it pervades every aspect of our lives. High-quality STEM experiences develop critical thinking skills, increase science literacy, and enable the next generation of innovators. STEM education not only equips students with the tools they need to succeed in a highly technological future, but also provides exciting experiences they will remember for many years to come.
At Saint Columbkille Partnership School’s six-week Summer STEM Academy, students will deepen their understanding of STEM concepts through hands-on lab, fieldwork, and engagement in the engineering design process. The academy curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Each week will end with a capstone field trip, which may include the Boston Harbor Islands, BC’s Weston Observatory, and local corporate and university biotech and engineering labs.
Session 1: Deadly Disasters
Natural disasters affect people living all around the world. Discover the secrets behind hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, wildfires, avalanches and other earth shattering disasters. Get ready to learn about the science behind some of the world’s most deadly disasters, and what can be done to prepare for them.
Session 2: Digital Storytelling
Humans have long been storytellers, but modern technology has transformed the way that that story is told. Using VR and augmented reality, stop motion animation and videography, this week is all about pushing the boundaries of storytelling.
Session 3: Inside the Human Body
Did you know that if you laid all of the blood vessels in the human body end-to-end it would encircle the Earth four times? Or that genetically humans are 99% the same? Or that skin is your largest organ? Come and delve into the mysteries of the human body and discover more about yourself!
Session 4: Artificial Intelligence: Fact or Fiction?
Long has dreamed of robots and the potential of AI (artificial intelligence). But how much of that dream has become a reality? Join us as we separate scientific fact from science fiction.    
Session 5: Archeology: Looking into the Past
Gaze into the depths of human history to discover the secrets that the ancients left behind. Learn about ancient engineering, and participated in a simulated archeological dig to recover lost artifacts!
Session 6: Amusement Park Design
Have you ever wondered what goes into designing and building an amusement park? Learn about the physics behind amusement park rides, design a prototype for your own attractions and develop marketing pieces for their designs.
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A four-week art adventure with STCPS Art Teacher Mrs. Falconer offers students an opportunity to be immersed in everything art! Explore and create with materials and techniques you may have never used before in an all day intensive art environment. Want to learn new art skills? Sharpen the skills you already have? Join an art community during the summer and create pieces you will have forever!
Week 1: Fantastic Fibers!
Artists will learn how to wet felt and needle felt. Students will create a wet felted soap bar, a 3D needle felted animal, and shibori-dyed fabric!
Week 2: Creative with clay!
Artists will learn the basics of clay slab building including slip and score, coils, glazing and the process of firing their own ceramic piece. We will also create polymer clay charms for jewelry/key chains/ backpacks.
Week 3: Playful Painting!
Artists will explore and create an imaginative watercolor environment, hand painted wooden plaque, canvas painting, and paint pouring art.
Week 4: Precious Printmaking!
Artists will create a carved linoleum block for printing, Styrofoam plate printing, create your own stamps, and print your own fabric!
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  Summer Program STEM Academy Art Adventures
Grade/Age Range age 3 – grade 4 entering grades 5-8 entering grades 5-8
Registration Fee $75 none none
Weekly Fee for Saint Columbkille Students $285 $300 $300
Weekly Fee for Non-Saint Columbkille Students $300 $300 $300
Minimum Enrollment Required two weeks none none